How Manage your Health

DATE: February 9, 2019

AUTHOR: Leslie Marshall

Maintain your relationships with others and do not forget to laugh

We can say that hell is the others, the fact of surrounding ourselves with people with whom we have enriching and energizing exchanges allows us to feel good. Flee toxic relationships but stay in touch with the people you love. Studies show that people with a wide circle of friends are less often sick than those with little contact. Do not forget to laugh because it is about your general balance.

People who have gone through a chronic illness are often the ones who realize the importance of enjoying life by giving free rein to their passions (photo, music, dance, theater).

Manage your stress and listen to your emotions

Restricting one’s emotions weakens our health. It is important to welcome them, to know them and to understand them as explained by Catherine Aimelet-Perissol. For people with stress, remember that meditation, relaxation and yoga can be a great help. Avoid, as far as possible, the conditions that cause this stress.

Make your mind work

This helps to maintain memory and avoid the risk of being affected by certain pathologies, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Learn constantly, read, discover new things ….

Look after your nutritional balance

We are told it very often and yet we do not respect it enough: our health is on the plate. Eliminate too much fat and salt. Prefer fruits, vegetables, vitamins and lean fish. Be attentive to the origin of your dishes and as much as possible, try to prepare them yourself. By eating healthy, your heart will be stronger, your brain will work better and you will feel lighter.

Drink a lot of water

Drink sodas only very exceptionally. Drinking with water all day allows you to both hydrate and feel hungry

Go for a physical activity

If the gym puts you off, nothing prevents you from practicing a bit of walking every day, running around or swimming at the pool. By muscling your body, you will consume more calories even while being at rest. Never go beyond your possibilities and surround yourself with the advice of a doctor if you are sick.

Sleep well

Physical exercise will help you improve the quality of your sleep, which is one of the keys to health. Adults must sleep every night between 7 and 9 o’clock; children between 10 and 11 o’clock. Prefer a dark room, because the light has adverse effects on your sleep. The opaque masks on the eyes allow you not to see it.

Stay away from dependencies

Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol … are all addictions that ruin your health. In a different register, addiction to games or social networks are not healthy for your mental health.

Monitor your health regularly

It is not a matter of transforming oneself into an imaginary and hypochondriac patient, but of listening to our body. Even in the absence of symptoms, try to think of the smear every 3 years, the palpation of the breasts, the monitoring of colorectal cancer from 50 years … And of course, if you have a history in your family , be particularly vigilant. Diagnosed in time, a chronic disease is treated better.


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