DATE: February 8, 2019

AUTHOR: Leslie Marshall

The Internet is the most disruptive technology in the history of mankind. His influence in our lives is increasingly greater in essential aspects such as the way we communicate, learn or inform.

In business environments the impact of the Internet has also been superlative, Internet generates environments where generate new business opportunities for industrial companies and offers new tools that contribute to increase productivity.

The incorporation of digital logics allows organizations to be more competitive in highly competitive markets where the vast majority of companies are located.

Ignoring the potential of the Internet in the industrial environment can cause a progressive loss of competitiveness that may be difficult to recover in the future. The fact that competitors’ websites are not up to date and do not have a noticeable presence in digital media should be understood as an opportunity to differentiate themselves, develop competitive advantages, acquire a prominent position in the sector and, ultimately, sell more, objectives all of them from a good digital marketing strategy.

The incorporation of methodologies, logics and digital tools and the development of a Digital Marketing Plan generate notable changes in organizations; The support of the Management, the investment of resources, both human and economic, the development of a digital strategy and the management and leadership of the project are essential elements for success.

In the strategic approach it is essential to study your digital environment, both internal and external, to define clear objectives, a realistic action plan and to establish indicators to measure the return on investment.

The Internet is not a passing fad, it is here to stay and it will continue to change the world. It is not about ‘making the web’, we must understand the environment, define a strategy, adapt to constant change and transform our organizations continuously. That is why amec has developed the expert Digital Marketing service that allows the industrial company to explore all the strategic potential that the internet allows.

CATEGORY: Marketing

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